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Proof in realization

First accept authority and proof will come STUDENT: What separates your community from all the other communities? Everyone claims that their system is the ultimate. HANSADUTTA: The Krishna consciousness movement is based or rooted in the authorized books of the … more

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Feed humans first

We Already Grow Enough Food For 10 Billion People — and Still Can’t End Hunger Huffington Post – ERIC HOLT GIMENEZ – May 2, 2012 Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. For the past two decades, the … more

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Gold for oil

The Best Reason in the World to Buy Gold Forbes – GORDON G. CHANG – Apr 22, 2012 Beijing is planning to avoid U.S. financial sanctions on Iran by paying for oil with gold. China’s imports of the metal are … more

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“In God We Trust” and bad faith

In Nothing We Trust National Journal – RON FOURNIER – Apr 21, 2012 Muncie is a microcosm of a nation whose motto could be, “In Nothing We Trust.” Seven in 10 Americans believe that the country is on the wrong … more

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Growing a forest

Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants 1,360 Acre Forest – TIMON SINGH – Apr 4, 2012 Jadav “Molai” Payeng started his project 30 years ago when he was still a teenager. Then, in 1979, flood waters washed a large number of … more

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Different standards of happiness

U.N. summit focuses on how to improve global happiness PRI – Apr 3, 2012 The United Nations on Monday turned its attention to happiness — and just how it might be achieved on an international scale.

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Why we are not shocked at the latest Goldman Sachs scandal

Financiers and Sex Trafficking New York Times – NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF – Mar 31, 2012 THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called

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Women barred from entering Kerala temple

Kerala: Woman devotee? Sorry, no entry IBN – April 1, 2012 The Sree Krishna Temple here bars entry to women devotees! For centuries, women have not been allowed into the nalambalam, the core structure of the temple, which shares its … more

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Gambling away this human life

Where does Mega Millions money go after the jackpot? CBS News – ARMEN KETEYLAN – Mar 30, 2012 In 2011, more Americans played the lottery than regularly attended church, bringing in $56 billion last year alone.

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Nothing to Lose But All to Gain

Back in 1978 Hansadutta composed the lyrics to “The Holy Name” as a poem offering to Srila Prabhupada for Vyasapuja, the occasion of the anniversary of the spiritual master’s appearance. He later sang it on his LP cover “Nothing to … more

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