Yoga = Yoke, Like A Bull To A Cart

Hansadutta at Santa Rosa Junior College (Part 4/10)
Guest speaker to Professor Carla Grady’s Asian Philosophy Class
September 27, 2010

It is actually a very rare thing that a person is interested in something which is not his immediate need, like eating, sleeping, defending and sex, sexual intercourse for begetting children. Eating, sleeping, defending and mating. These are the four material demands. Someone will say, “I like to eat.” No, you have to eat. “I like to sleep” – no you have to sleep. And you have to defend yourself, and you are always – all of us, especially in the West, we are compelled by sex attraction, sex drive. Man is attracted to woman, woman is attracted to man. The Vedic philosophy explains that the entire force of material activity is centered on this attraction. Not only in human society, but amongst the animals, birds and fishes, and even trees have sex.

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