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There is no use of going to the forest for one who has failed to control his mind, because he only takes his uncontrolled mind with him. The best course of action is to remain situated in that environment where … more

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Connecting with Krishna

Everyone is full of fear, and that fear can only be mitigated by coming nearer to Krishna, which can easily be done simply by vibrating the Holy Name, just as coming nearer to fire automatically counteracts being cold. Chanting the … more

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Kirtan purifies the heart and mind

People need to be exposed to kirtan. Kirtan purifies and pacifies the mind and heart so they can begin to comprehend Krishna consciousness. Without that, their minds are so polluted and scattered they cannot understand. Even whatever you say may … more

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Success and failure

A progressive devotee accepts everything as an impetus to advance in Krishna consciousness. A devotee’s premise is that the supreme sanctioning power is Krishna, and that nothing can take place without His sanction. Because Krishna is all-good and desires to … more

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Loose screws

Anything that is not Krishna is not Krishna and will eventually dry up and fall away. Everyone is born with certain inclinations or propensities, and has to act on them. Just like Arjuna. He was a warrior, and his business … more

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Information vs Revelation

We only know what we are told by higher authorities (author)—father, mother, teachers, political leaders. We accept such knowledge by association with others through application. Alone, without association, we cannot know anything. Directly, in and of itself, we always require … more

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Reading the newspaper. The stories strike me as bizarre, but how would I make that obvious to “normal” readers? They take the news as seriously as we take shastras.

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If we want any kind of renunciation in life—material or spiritual—we must only pray to the appropriate authority for that. To put it another way, one must submit his application honestly and humbly. Of course it goes without saying, whatever … more

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Changing perspective, not position

The devotees’ apparent move to associate by moving into the same geographical area is external only. They actually do not associate spiritually. Because association means on the basis of a common goal—service to Krishna. But they associate not for that … more

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From the heart

There are two kinds of chanting of the Holy Name. One is mechanical, or forced by practice—sadhana—and the other is spontaneous welling up out of the heart automatically—just like two kinds of wells. One you have to force the water … more

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