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If we want any kind of renunciation in life—material or spiritual—we must only pray to the appropriate authority for that. To put it another way, one must submit his application honestly and humbly. Of course it goes without saying, whatever … more

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Changing perspective, not position

The devotees’ apparent move to associate by moving into the same geographical area is external only. They actually do not associate spiritually. Because association means on the basis of a common goal—service to Krishna. But they associate not for that … more

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From the heart

There are two kinds of chanting of the Holy Name. One is mechanical, or forced by practice—sadhana—and the other is spontaneous welling up out of the heart automatically—just like two kinds of wells. One you have to force the water … more

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Transparency in representation

The perfection of the part is in how it expresses the purpose of the whole. Every living being is an infinitesimal part of the whole living being (Krishna) and his individuality is perfected only in as much He allows the … more

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Follow the heart

Krishna is chanting, and we are hearing, and thus realization takes place in the heart, not the head. The Holy Name descends from the spiritual stratum (Prabhupada), and therefore we do not actually chant, but we allow Krishna to manifest … more

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What needs saying

If someone can articulate this basic message—that we’re not this body—illuminating it from a hundred different directions, that will be revolutionary. Because this is the basic platform of the whole thing. This is the pivot of material existence and repeated … more

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Surrender is the process

If there’s no surrender, you can’t make any progress. Prabhupada says everything depends on surrender. At work on the job, you have to surrender to the boss. When you marry, you have to surrender. In the military you have to … more

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