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You cannot make a devotee

Bhagavatam says Krishna is the cause and the effect, the Absolute Truth. Illogical, beyond logic. Only if Krishna reveals Himself, then you can become Krishna conscious. You cannot be Krishna conscious by your own endeavor, by your own surrender or … more

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Prabhupada in Germany, 1974

Dear Hansadutta, Please accept my humble obeisances all glories to Srila Prabhupada. That picture currently on your front page is one of the best pictures ever, do you know if it is within the vedabase?

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Premise is the problem

The whole premise of modern civilization, based on the idea of advancement of education, technology, industry and economics is dismissed by us (VAISHNAVAS) as ERRONEOUS and therefore IRRELEVANT for the well being of this planet earth with its 4 to … more

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Potency of Sound

Value a Sound! A faithless person scoffs at the idea of chanting the Holy Name. Such persons say, “Any sound repeated long enough will produce a hypnotic effect.” But we contend that each sound, just as any other element in … more

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One with the spiritual master and Krishna

You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny. (Brihadnarayana Upanishad) As long as we are colored … more

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Land, cow, man and God

What gold is to minerals, milk is to food. LAND, COW, MAN and GOD. Simple living, high thinking (LAND, COW, MAN, GOD).

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Aim to love

The aim of life is to love Krishna. It is not necessary to know how Krishna is God. Just like the child loves mother and father. The child has no knowledge of what is or how it is that the … more

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Ten percent profit

Hansadutta: I’m 65 now. How old are you? Das: Coming on 50. Hansadutta: So I’ve got 15 years on you. Getting older is so awkward. How do you like getting older?

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Play act for Krishna or for Maya

Related article: Sri Nityananda Charitamrita – Chapter One: The Birth and Childhood Activities of Lord Nityananda Just like children play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians when they are small, imitating the activities of the grownups, similarly, this play … more

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Not gonna survive

Scrambling for survival, to avoid depression, inflation or atomic war is ultimately a futile endeavor. The real endeavor should be to firmly establish or entrench the mind in firm faith in the mercy of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. There … more

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