Prayer and the answer to prayer

Unless one is completely disappointed in every relationship of love, friendship and society, it is impossible to be completely surrendered to the will of the Lord, without which it is impossible to chant His HOLY NAME, and without actually chanting the Holy Name purely, it is impossible to preach Krishna consciousness, which depends primarily on the offenseless chanting of the Holy Name. One who does not have the Name certainly cannot initiate others into the chanting of the Holy Name.

In the name of religion, people are hopelessly lost in rituals and ceremonies. Chanting the Holy Name is all that is necessary. Other things will come as a natural consequence.

The prayer to Krishna and the answer to the prayer are the same. As soon as one sincerely prays to Krishna, that act of sincerely approaching Krishna is the answer.

1. Enthusiasm, 2. Endeavouring with confidence, 3. Being patient, 4. Shravanam kirtanam smaranam…, 5. Abandon association of non-devotees, 6. Follow in the footsteps of the previous Acharyas.

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