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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
[Posted June 3, 2007]

How can You Deny God?

Srila PrabhupadaHis Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Founder-Acharya of the world-wide Hare Krishna Movement, Brahma Sampradaya Acharya

excerpt from morning walk conversation with disciples, October 2, 1975, Mauritius

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False Propaganda in the name of science

Prabhupada: Atheism they have spread. "There is no God—science."

Brahmananda: It's possible to be a scientist and also be God conscious. Why not use science...

Prabhupada: That is real scientist. These are false scientists.

idam hi pumsas tapasah shrutasya va
svishtasya suktasya cha buddhi-dattayoh
avichyuto 'rthah kavibhir nirupito
[Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.22]

Actually the Supreme Lord is the source of everything. So if one is actually scientist, by his scientific explanation he will point out, "Here is the cause of all causes." By scientific knowledge he will point out that God is the origin of everything. Then his scientific study is perfect. But these rascals, they are doing the opposite, that "There is no need of God. Science is everything," although it is imperfect. That is their fault. Therefore they are rogues. They cannot prove; still, they will insist, "Yes, we shall do. We are trying," like that, and misleading people. General people, they are rascal and fools. If you mislead them, they will be misled. Shudra, mudhas. They are to be educated. Instead of educating them, they are making them more and more fools and rascals. [break] There is utility, but they have no utility. There is some service; they carry some passengers. They are carried nowhere. Simply they mislead.

Cyavana: Without spiritual realization, people feel that they need science. They've become dependent upon science. They feel that without science they cannot live.

Prabhupada: Why?

Cyavana: The scientists have made them dependent.

Prabhupada: That is their foolishness. These rascals are fools. Therefore they have become dependent. Why science? What for? That is not... Science is required, vijñana. That is nice. But they are not scientists.

Cyavana: We ask them if they need eternal life. They say "No, we don't need that. We need comforts. We need our daily bread." Like that.

Prabhupada: Where is comfort? You are going to die. Where is your comfort? You are going to be diseased. You are going to be old man like me. Every moment there is some trouble. So where is the comfort, rascal? That means misleading. There is no comfort; still, they are promising comfort. This is misleading. Where is comfort? Eh?

Pusta Krsna: There is no comfort.

Prabhupada: Huh? Where is comfort? If you have to die—"Oh, I am dying comfortably"—what is this nonsense? "I am dying comfortably."

Devotee: Like yesterday night, that man said that "I am all right." But he was unable to sit on the chair.

Prabhupada: Comfort, where is your comfort? Why you have so many medical men if you are comfortable? Why there are so many drugs, medicine, if you are comfortable? This is maya. He is not in comfort; still, he will say that "I am in comfort." This is called maya, illusion.

Brahmananda: So these drugs, even though one may be feeling pain, he can take the drugs and he won't feel pain.

Prabhupada: Yes. He will take injection. It is comfort. Daily he will take injection, and it is comfort. [laughter] Just see the fools and rascals. Mudha. [break] ...met so many medical men, doctors and quack. "Die comfortably." What is the use of this medical man, medicine? What is the use? If your comfort and death is comfortable, then why spend so much money? Die comfortably. Because you cannot check death, then why you are trying to check death? "Let me live some years more. Let me take this medicine." Why? Why this struggle? Die comfortably. Suffer disease comfortably.

Cyavana: They've made so much propaganda that life is meant to enjoy. Everywhere...

Prabhupada: Enjoy, but where is your enjoyment? Come to the practical point. Where is your enjoyment? You are simply suffering. That is their rascaldom. They are suffering; still, they say, "I am enjoying." This is called illusion, maya. Enjoy. That we also say, that we are trying to take you to a certain place, kingdom of God or back..., where you will enjoy. Enjoy... anandamayo 'bhyasat (Vedanta-sutra 1.1.12). That enjoy is our aim. But where is your enjoyment here? That is your rascaldom. There is no enjoyment; still, you say, "We shall enjoy."

Cyavana: Their propaganda leads people to think that they can enjoy... That it's possible here.

Prabhupada: They're misleading. That is misleading. We have to check that. That is our Krishna consciousness movement. They are not enjoying, and these rascals misleading them that they are enjoying. Enjoyment is our aim also—but real enjoyment. Ramante yogino 'nante satyanande. Satyananda. Not this ananda, temporary ananda. Satyananda-cid-atmani. Yogis, bhakti-yogis, they also want ananda, but not this false ananda. Satyananda-cid-atmani.... Therefore they call Rama. Rama means ramana, enjoyment. Iti rama-padenasau param brahmabhidhiyate [Chaitanya-charitamrita Madhya 9.29]. They do not know what is satyananda. They do not understand, as soon as we accept this material body, it is misery, simply misery. The body is constructed within the womb of the mother in a miserable condition. These rascals, they do not understand. In a packed-up, head down, leg up. And it is enjoyment. The body is created in this troublesome, from miserable condition; still, they say, "enjoyment." This is foolishness. This is called illusion.

Brahmananda: Sigmund Freud, his philosophy is that that position in the womb was one of great security, and we all want to go back to that position.

Prabhupada: Where is security? The mother is killing them, abortion. Where is security? The mother, under whose abdomen I have taken shelter, she is killing. Where is security?

Pusta Krsna: Although everyone is suffering, however, they think that "Because I am not suffering, everyone else is suffering, and that's okay." They're thinking that the miseries are only for others.

Prabhupada: That is another ignorance. Everyone is dying. He is thinking, "I will not die." This is ignorance. [remarks at man on bicycle:] He is running so fast unnecessarily.

Cyavana: He is trying to enjoy that machine.

Prabhupada: Enjoy means another machine will strike, and his enjoyment will stop. There is ship, going fast. Where he will go fast?

Brahmananda: Around the island.

Prabhupada: Just like the dog. He goes fast here and there. "Gow! Gow!" [laughter] It is like that. He is going fast. Doggish mentality. That's all, all dogs and cats, no human being. This civilization means they are creating only dogs and cats, animals, go-kharah, cows and asses. They are... We don't take them as human being. All animals.

Prabhupada: For the sake of comfort, create another danger. Just like airplane. It is comfortable. You can quickly go from one place to another. But as soon as on the plane, immediately your life is at risk. There is no certainty. So this is the way of material world. You create some comfort and you create some greater danger also. Side by side. It cannot be unhampered comfort. That is not possible. You create a motorcar—the same thing—you drive very speedy and you meet accident. Railway, the accident. There was no need. You produce your food locally and produce your milk. Then eat, drink, and live comfortably. Chant Hare Krishna. That is wanted. Make your life successful. Yad uttama-shloka- gunanuvarnanam [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.22]. And if you have got education, then describe the glories of the Lord by your scientific and educational qualification. Yad uttama-shloka-gunanuvarnanam [SB 1.5.22].

Brahmananda: In the Bible there are so many things that were... about the world that were mistakes, and then, by their scientific knowledge, they found the real fact. Like they say the earth was flat...

Prabhupada: Bible may be wrong, but we are talking generally. So if you are scientist, you can say the right thing. But why should you deny God?

Brahmananda: Well, if the book of God has made mistake, then we don't have any faith...

Prabhupada: Book of God... Then throw it. Kick it out. But I say that you are scientist. How you can deny God? That is our propaganda. The so-called book of God, you throw away. But you are scientist. How can you deny the existence of God? Why you are misleading? Bible misleading, that's all right. Why you are misleading? That is our point.

Cyavana: For so many centuries they took the Bible to be the authority.

Prabhupada: All right, throw it away. You are scientist.

Cyavana: They won't.

Prabhupada: You are a scientist. How you can deny God? Then what kind of scientist you are? The Bible has done wrong. Throw it away. I have no objection. But you are scientist. How you can deny God? And that is our point. Come to this logic, that "How we can deny God?" You are speaking that from chemical combination life is formed. Do it in the laboratory. You cannot do it. Why you are propagating false propaganda? What kind of scientist? Then you are also to be kicked out. If Bible is to be kicked out you are also to be kicked out. Why you are claiming your position? You prove first of all. You combine chemical and produce a life. And you are making false propaganda, so you are to be kicked out. They say, "We shall do in future." And what is the future? Then why you are at present making false propaganda. Wait for the future. Post-dated cheque. "In future I shall pay." Who will accept this cheque? Any nonsense will accept.

Brahmananda: But this world is so imperfect...

Prabhupada: The world is not imperfect; you are imperfect rascal. You are rascal; you are imperfect. World is not imperfect.

Brahmananda: Well, they have these cyclones. They come...

Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. Must come because you are to be killed. You are rascal; you are to be killed. Therefore God has created cyclone. You protect yourself if you are scientist, if you have got power.

Cyavana: Because they are anxious for some...

Prabhupada: Because God has created cyclone, therefore He is perfect because you are to be killed, blown away with your all paraphernalia, with your all scientific laboratory and instrument. Go. Go to hell. That is perfection.

Cyavana: They are eager to find a solution. Therefore they are forced to speculate because they have no other way...

Prabhupada: No other way.

Cyavana: They have no other way to learn, unless they will accept Veda, which they won't accept. They enjoy making so many theories.

Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. Mano-ratha: "Chariot of mind."

Cyavana: Yes.

Prabhupada: Mano-rathenasati dhavato bahih: by his chariot of the mind he will be driven to this material consciousness. They have no idea of spiritual knowledge. Therefore, we see, big, big scientists, they are thinking that combination of matter can produce life. In spite of so much advanced learning, they do not know what is life. They cannot create life; still, they will theorize. How foolish they are. And as soon as you catch his throat, "Produce life." "No, we shall do it in future." Just see.

©2004 - Hansadutta das
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