As a flea crawls through the entanglement of pubic hairs, so does the confused mortal crawl through the forest of delusion that takes him from one vagina to the next, millions of times round and round, seeking yet never finding the perfect vagina.
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Vagina Worshipers

Bhuta Krim Swami

The Boston Globe April 1, 2006 - Homewrecker or harmless fun? As adult porn moves mainstream, some fight to stop trend

The industry's VIPs mingle at political galas and Super Bowl parties. Their product is available on cell phones, podcasts, and particularly the Internet -- there it's an attraction like no other, patronized by tens of millions of Americans.

It's pornography. And if you're a consumer, John Harmer thinks you're damaging your brain.

Harmer is part of a cadre of anti-porn activists seeking new tactics to fight an unprecedented deluge of porn which they see as wrecking countless marriages and warping human sexuality. They are urging federal prosecutors to pursue more obscenity cases and raising funds for high-tech brain research that they hope will fuel lawsuits against porn magnates. ...

By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer

...The activitists' adversary is a sprawling industry that, by some counts, offers more than 4 million porn sites on the Internet, that in the United States alone is estimated to be worth $12 billion a year. A tracking firm, comScore Media Metrix, says about 40 percent of Internet users in the United Statse visit adult sites each month.

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That which perpetuates the cyclic motion of this world is vagina worship, for vagina worship alone is the sustenance of material life. Without this peculiar adoration for the private sector of the female anatomy, this entire vast material world would cease to exist. Conversely, by this worship of the vagina, material existence with its 8,400,000 types of species—from the tiny indragopa germ that lives for less than a second, to the great Indra King of Heaven who prospers for the length of the universe—is assured of continuing forever.

Some may put forward that such adoration for the private parts of women is not considered a proper discussion among the learned. Yet it behooves the learned not to ignore the fact that uncontrolled lust for the vagina here in this manifested material domain is the sole force of created existence. No college degree grants the lettered scholar freedom from addiction to the vagina. The magnetism of the female's lower mouth is that force that assures that men will remain fettered and wrapped tightly in this miserable samsara for eternity, birth after birth.

Women today parade their vaginas in tight fitting jeans and skin-tight jogging shorts, swinging their hips from side to side like prized trophies, leaving little for the imagination. Indeed, it is even a fashion today for women to shave their pubic hairs and shape their jungles into a fuzzy triangle much like a man styles a mustache with a razor. This makes it possible for eager young ladies to wear their "fashion-cut" jeans below the line of hairy growth, revealing the curve and bulge that leads downward to the actual mouth of the vagina. Many women feel that the "patch must match" and thus they dye their secret parts also. The vagina is no longer secret, not even an open secret.

Lust lingers just below the surface causing men to race to and fro, expensive briefcases in hand. It is the lure of the avaricious vagina that causes the Trumps of this world to build taller skyscrapers, as if to demonstrate a brick-and-mortar sort of erectile superiority. Attraction for the vagina causes men to run for political office or work hundred hour work weeks. The vortex of magnetism created by the vagina pulls into its orb all but the staunchest sadhus. It is the vagina that makes man to rise and certainly sends them to sleep at night. The vagina is the almighty Goddess that locks the each man in the whirlpool of birth-death-rebirth engaging his talents and intelligence in never-ending and ultimately useless work. And in the temporary world of vagina worship, there are no winners, no blessings, and no benedictions as both worshipped and worshiper are ultimately heartlessly destroyed by material nature in return for their single-minded devotion.

The fettered sense gratifier tastes, smells, and ultimately seeks to dominate the vagina only to fall defeated at the feet of the more powerful female form. In the final assessment, it is the vagina that dominates the dominator and seduces the seducer. The blind follower of the cult of the vagina finds himself vexed and confounded by the complexities of the jagat or material universe that emanate from the mysterious vagina. For he who loves entering himself into the vagina must sooner or later return to dwell as one trapped in the vagina, awaiting rebirth as a developing fetus, in the endless cycle of birth. Those worms born of the same womb may be considered verily his own brothers for they share the same mother. Indeed the vagina worshipper is not exempt from demotion to a worm's body at some low point in the great samsaric go-round, as this joyless cycle of sexual attraction exists even in species such as plants, insects, worms, and reptiles, what to speak of the mammals.

Today a great builder celebrates his construction of his city, and tomorrow he lives on the sidewalk of that splendid metropolis as a worm in a pile of stool left behind by a despised stray dog. Lost in his lust, the vagina worshipper cannot fathom what type of vagina he will be spewed forth from the next time around. Vagina-love is a losing gamble at best; a game of Russian roulette wherein each chamber is loaded. It is nothing less than a merry wheel that spins the vishayi or sense-slave around forever in the whirlpool of the material world. As a flea crawls through the entanglement of pubic hairs, so does the confused mortal crawl through the forest of delusion that takes him from one vagina to the next, millions of times round and round, seeking yet never finding the perfect vagina.

As related in the Padma Purana (1.54), Lord Indradeva the king of heaven and husband of the beautiful Shachi, was so overcome by vagina attraction that he violated the beautiful Ahalya, wife of the powerful ascetic Gautama Rishi. Thus even the king of heaven is not exempt from attraction to the vagina, the most common feature of material life from the lowest planets to the highest. Cursed by the great sage Gautama Maharshi, Indra found as a result of his sinful act that his body was now covered with vaginas. After great penance Lord Indra was able to turn these vaginas on his body into eyes, and thus became known thereafter as Sahasraksha, "the thousand-eyed one."

Many imposter sadhus, unwilling to renounce their affection for the vagina, have concocted vagina-based worship cults, as though make the common lust that all base men share as a mark of religion. Calling themselves "tantrics", these devilish worshippers disrobe the females they worship even within the sanctity of the temple. Biologically, the vagina sits between the urinary duct and the anus. This part of the anatomy between the legs produces urine, perspiration, fecal matter, blood, mucous, and other unsavory elements, yet these vile wastes are misconstrued as worshipable to these tantrics. The elements of physical waste mentioned above are the very contaminants that create the rainfalls of hell. For when the earth fell into the hellish regions due to the sinful exploits of the demon Hiranyaksha, the Bhagavat describes that stool, pus, urine, blood, etc, spilled from the sky like a monsoon storm. Unknown to the tantric blinded by lust, the vagina is an open door to such hellish levels of the universe. Indeed, one hell is called Andhatamishra, or "the place of constant darkness and ignorance." Could there be a better description than that for the living entity's period of gestation trapped in the womb of his mother?

No feature of this material world encapsulates the cyclic round of material nature as does the vagina. The vagina in its natural longing for the male seed of reproduction, seeks to meet its natural function. Yet when it finds this desire unfulfilled, the vagina must resort to the monthly menstrual cycle as the non-fertilized egg is discarded in contaminated blood from the uterus. Hence the menses is a deathly, overcast period for a woman, a time when Vedic culture considers her on par with an untouchable. Even in the West today, the menstrual cycle is called "the curse". Ironically, it was the curse of a brahmana upon Lord Indra, one that the "Thousand-eyed One" cast off by forcing it upon women in the form of their monthly period, which the Bhagavat identifies as the source of menstruation.

According to the kama shastras of Vedic India, the books of so-called "love-making", there are three basic types of vaginas: the hare, deer and elephant. Women of various types are known to express desires differently, the elephant or large-vagina woman being lusty in the extreme. Mystics have determined that certain vaginas are "auspicious", such as those shaped like the rounded, pointed leaf of a pipal tree. Other vaginas that are shapeless, rough and unbearable to see, revealing a constantly-exposed clitoris, are said to belong to women destined for menial service. Vedic astrology likewise lists certain planetary combinations that are considered auspicious since the owner of such "lucky stars" will have a lifelong abundance of "enjoyment of the couch." Yet that which is auspicious here in this material world may be just the opposite in terms of achieving the next life.

Contact with the vagina expands within the sense gratifier a sense of enjoyment and personal dominance. This illusiory misconception is called the ahamkara or false ego, the subtlemost of all material elements. It is this ahamkara that convinces the vishayi that his enjoyment is of a higher nature than the enjoyment of others, and also binds him here to this material world to embrace dead bodies culminating in vagina worship. Although the vishayi thinks in terms of eternal enjoyment, he does not reflect that he has misplaced for the object of his satisfaction in that which is temporary. Since the vagina is part and parcel of the world of death, it has no capability to endow eternal bliss. Only that which is eternal can offer unending satisfaction. The vagina is akin to a fruit, delectable when its owner is young, beautiful and healthy; and repulsive in old age. Ultimately, nothing but disease, pain, misery and death can result from seeking pleasure in the vagina. It is this wisdom that sets sadhus apart from worldly men.

Therefore, as explained in the Bhagavad Gita 15.1, it is not surprising to learn that this world is a perverted reflection of the spiritual domain. There in the realm of Goloka Vrindavana the Supreme Male Lord Shri Krishna is voluntarily dominated by His all-spiritual female counterpart personified as Shri Radha. The fettered soul in his fruitless imitation of the Almighty seeks to dominate material nature represented by the object of his affection, the vagina, and hence is subjected to the heartless whims of Durga Devi, the goddess-ruler of this world who is but the shadow of Radharani, the Supreme Godess. Durga is worshipped by foolish and ignorant souls who demand objects of temporary enjoyment from her, never considering that in order to enjoy her, the terrible cycle of birth and death must be voluntarily adhered to. The fettered entity must eventually come to understand that his love for temporary vaginas only brings him residence in one vagina after another in various species of life birth after birth. Only when the fettered soul submits himself to becoming a devotee of the Supreme Spiritual Couple, turning his back on temporary so-called pleasures of vagina worship, can he hope for the possibility of liberation into the world of anti-matter. The living entity is a natural heir to eternity, knowledge and bliss, but as long as he remains a vagina worshipper he will be given in rapid succession temporary bodies that are full of ignorance and pain, suffering the opposite qualities to which he is truly heir as part and parcel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Shri Radha-Krishna.

©2004-Hansadutta das
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