... We are not proposing a nontechnological society; we are proposing that technology be used for spiritual advancement.
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[Posted May 10, 2006]

Addiction to Technology

by Hansadutta das

[News today: Gold at $700 per oz, oil at $71 per barrel, gas prices at fuel pumps around the world at record highs. Brazil's solution to the end of the oil empire gives a whole new meaning to "drunk driving." But suppose tomorrow our government were to switch to ethanol, just think what would happen to the price of sugar on store shelves? With sugar cane-based ethanol significantly more economically viable than corn-based ethanol, how long before Americans once again would hear that Cuba, a major sugar cane producer, is overdue for regime change? One solution begets another problem. The fact is that we're addicted not so much to oil and gas or alcohol or coal or hydrogen or electricity generated by nuclear power as we are addicted to consumerism, fed by the accelerating pace of industrial expansion, taking us ever farther away from "plain living, high thinking," a life in rhythm with nature, by the grace of God.]

ABC News, - By JIM AVILA - Tues May 8, 2006--Out of Gas - Brazil Replaces Oil with Homegrown Alternative
Amid the samba-pulsed chaos that is Sao Paulo, Brazil, a revolution in fuel efficiency has emerged in the world's fifth largest city.

When Brazilians say fill it up, they're not getting the oily mix Americans see at the pump, which is 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent ethanol.

They get pure ethanol, as Brazil now produces 5 billion gallons of the sugar-cane distilled fuel annually. That's enough to power three-quarters of the nearly 2 million cars South America's largest country makes every year.

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Guest: The members of your movement seem to have a penchant for criticizing modern technological society.

Hansadutta: For every technological advantage there is also a disadvantage, and that disadvantage obliges us to create another technological program to counteract it, which creates still another disadvantage, which obliges us to create another technological program. We are caught up in a chain of programs to counteract the technological disadvantages. For the original advantage of the automobile, we have to suffer the resultant congestion, pollution and accidents.

It is best to be satisfied with what God gives us an meet the necessities of life in the simplest and most expedient way, thus using the time we save to make spiritual progress. That is the permanent solution. Material progress is only temporary.

Guest: But there is a tremendous possibility that we can solve our problems through technology.

Hansadutta: Which problem has technology solved? Birth, old age, disease and death are four problems common to everyone. Thousands of years ago, people became old, diseased and died, and today they still become old, diseased and die. Every man, whether rich or poor, black or white, has these four problems. Has technology saved anyone from these?

Guest: Not as yet.

Hansadutta: Then what is the advantage of technology?

Guest: Technology makes life easier.

Hansadutta: When we do away with old age, disease and death, then life will be "easier." Life is a struggle to counteract birth, old age, disease and death. With all the advancement of technology, these problems still exist, and we are still struggling to counteract them in different ways. Technology has made life more complicated.

Guest: I'm not sure you can convince anyone to revert to a completely nontechnological society.

Hansadutta: We are not proposing a nontechnological society; we are proposing that technology be used for spiritual advancement.

Guest: How can you use technology for spiritual advancement?

Hansadutta: We are using a tape recorder to record our conversation. The tape recorder aids us in editing, preparing and publishing the conversation. By using technology in Krishna's service, we can spiritualize technology. Instead of printing naked pictures, we are printing pictures of Krishna and His devotees. Instead of recording mundane songs, we are recording Krishna consciousness.

Guest: Could you decribe your plan for the world, as you would really like to see it? For instance, what you do with the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center?

Hansadutta: We do not object to buildings; we object to the way people are using them. Everything must be employed in Krishna's service.

Addiction to Technology/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2004 - Hansadutta das
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