It is not our property, but God's. Knowing this is knowledge, and thinking that it is my property is ignorance. We have the right to utilize but not to claim or hoard.
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[Posted October 16, 2006]

Capitalizing on Earth's Resources

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Founder-Acharya of the world-wide Hare Krishna Movement, Brahma Sampradaya Acharya

Srila Prabhupada

Rare Earth ElementsThe Anchor House, Inc. - October 10, 2006 - Clint Fox - Rare Earth May Be China's Checkmate

In 1992, Deng Xiaoping, then ruler of China, put the world on notice with the following statement: "There is oil in the Middle East; there is rare earth in China."

What relevance do rare earth elements have in present society? Imagine your world without: iPod, laptop computers, TVs, cell phones, modern transportation. Now picture the medical field without: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, contrast agents that enhance the images. The military requires rare earth in a significant way as it has become increasingly reliant on its widespread use: range detectors, lasers, advanced aircraft materials, guided missiles, smart bombs, protective coatings, blast protection. ...

The world is already addicted to rare earth, with demand projected to soar from 130,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes by 2010. To put it in plain terms - we are all junkies and there is only one rare earth dealer. China has effectively all the pieces on the chess board. There is no viable competition. China will do what it wishes with its own rare earths, leaving the rest of the world to become beggars at its feet. China currently has the ability to raise the price of REE, cease export, or use rare earth strategically by withholding these essential commodities for political, economic, or military reasons. As the significance of rare earths grows with each new technological discovery, China grows stronger in its strategic position.

The crazy thing is that Deng Xiaoping warned us almost 15 years ago. Jiang Zemin reiterated the warning seven years ago. Meanwhile the US has closed its only producing mine, shuttered the Rare Earth Information Center, and ceased stockpiling these essential materials. When I asked James Hedrick, of the USGS, if we could catch up with the Chinese he replied, "I don't think the US has the initiative or the money." full story

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Raja-Vidya: The King of Knowledge
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Today there are so many theories, and everyone claims to know the best way to live; therefore so many "ism's" have evolved. Of these, communism has become very prominent in the world. But in Srimad-Bhagavatam we find the seed for spiritual communism. There Narada Muni explains that in this material universe—whether one be in a lower, middle or higher planetary system or even in outer space—all natural resources are manifested by the Supreme Lord. We must understand that whatever exists in this world was not produced by any human being, but everything was created by God. No sane man can deny this. Sri Ishopanishad enjoins:

ishavasyam idam sarvam
yat kincha jagatyam jagat
tena tyaktena bhunjitha
ma gridhah kasya svid dhanam

"Everything animate or inanimate that is within the universe is controlled and owned by the Lord. One must therefore accept only those things necessary for himself, which are set aside as his quota, and one must not accept other things, knowing well to whom they belong." (Sri Ishopanishad, Mantra 1)

Consequently all living entities, beginning from Brahma, the highest demigod, down to the lowest ant, have the right to use natural resources. Narada Muni points out that we can use these resources as much as we require, but if we take more than required, we become thieves. Unfortunately everyone is trying to conquer and predominate. Countries race to the moon in order to put up their flags and claim that planet. When Europeans came to America, they put up their flag and claimed it for their nation. This flag planting and flag waving is all due to ignorance. We do not stop to think where we are putting our flag. It is not our property, but God's. Knowing this is knowledge, and thinking that it is my property is ignorance. We have the right to utilize but not to claim or hoard.

If we throw a bag of grain into the street, pigeons may come and eat four or five small grains and then go away. They will not take more than they can eat, and having eaten they go freely on their way. But if we were to put many bags of flour on the sidewalk and invite people to come and get them, one man would take ten or twenty bags and another would take fifteen or thirty bags and so on. But those who do not have the means to carry so much away will not be able to take more than a bag or two. Thus the distribution will be uneven. This is called advancement of civilization; we are even lacking in the knowledge which the pigeons, dogs and cats have. Everything belongs to the Supreme Lord, and we can accept whatever we need, but not more. That is knowledge. By the Lord's arrangement the world is so made that there is no scarcity of anything. Everything is sufficient, provided that we know how to distribute it. However, the deplorable condition today is that one is taking more than he needs while another is starving. Consequently the starving masses are revolting and asking, "Why should we starve?" But their methods are imperfect. The perfection of spiritual communism is found in the knowledge that everything belongs to God. By knowing the science of Krishna, we can easily cross over the ignorance of false proprietorship.

We are actually suffering due to our ignorance. In the law court ignorance is no excuse. If we tell the judge that we are not aware of the law, we will be punished anyway. If one has illegally amassed so much wealth and yet claims ignorance of his transgression, he will be punished nonetheless. The whole world is lacking this knowledge, and therefore thousands of teachers of the science of Krishna are needed. There is a great necessity for this knowledge now. We should not think that because Krishna was born in India that the knowledge of Bhagavad-gétä is sectarian or that Krishna is a sectarian God. Indeed, in the Fourteenth Chapter Sri Krishna proclaims Himself to be the father of all beings, as pointed out previously (Bhagavad-gita 14.4).

As spirit souls we are part and parcel of the Supreme Spirit, but due to our desire to enjoy this material world, we have been put into material nature. Yet in whatever species of life we may be, Krishna is the Father. Thus Bhagavad-gita is not meant for any particular party or nation but for everyone all over the world—even for the animals. Now that the sons of the Supreme are committing theft due to ignorance, it is the duty of one who is conversant with Bhagavad -gita to spread this supreme knowledge to all beings. In this way people may realize their true spiritual nature and their relationship to the supreme spiritual whole.

Capitalizing on Earth's Resources/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2004 - Hansadutta das
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