... fighting needless wars behind the safety of locked doors while thousands gave their lives in vain as they enjoyed the stolen gain...
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das

Democracy is Demoncrazy: Everyone for Himself

by Hansadutta das

[Amidst violent protests, representatives from 34 nations came to no agreement at the Summit of the Americas over the weekend in Argentina, while in France riots continue to rage out of control now for the 10th day, and in Iraq US forces launch an all-out offensive on yet another small Iraqi town, while the White House tries to sweep the outing of a CIA undercover operative by the Vice President's chief of staff and President's own chief of staff under the carpet.]

Miami Herald, Sunday November 6, 2005--Bush bruised, not beaten in talks
President Bush faced harsh criticism from Latin American presidents over a free-trade proposal, but no clear winners and losers emerged.


MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina There were no clear winners or losers after the Fourth Summit of the Americas ended here Saturday: President Bush and 33 other leaders of the region wound up the two-day meeting brutally divided over a hemisphere-wide free trade zone first proposed in Miami more than a decade ago. ...

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Well, I've listened to all the leaders talk
Seen how they'd rather ride than walk.
And heard them give the cons and pros
Of things that everybody knows.
Their speeches made of  "but" and "and"
Where no one really takes a stand
Are liked by those who wish to cheat
Or someday win themselves a seat.
I've seen them fighting needless wars
Behind the safety of locked doors
While thousands gave their lives in vain
As they enjoyed the stolen gain.
I've watched them moving men in herds
With shepherds speaking clever words
For nothing more than love of power.
I've seen them making good men cower
And forcing the children to waste their youth.
They teach them mere words in the name of truth
While their mothers dance naked to pay the rent
To the landlord who owns the tenement.
Yes, I listened so long that I almost lost sight
Of the meaning of words like "justice" and "right".

Democracy is Demoncracy/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2004 - Hansadutta das
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