Every living entity is part and parcel of God.
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
[Posted May 19, 2007]
 Srila Prabhupada

Discriminating Against the Poor

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

discharged from hospital Breitbart.com - May 19, 2007  LA Hospital to Adopt Rules for Homeless
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, whose discharge of a paraplegic man onto skid row earlier this year was widely publicized, says it will adopt new guidelines meant to end the dumping of homeless patients.

The hospital said Friday that it would create new protocols and provide more staff training for discharging homeless patients. The nation's largest HMO, Kaiser Permanente, announced similar reforms on Tuesday.

In February, a 54-year-old paraplegic homeless man discharged from the hospital was found crawling on a street wearing a soiled hospital gown with a colostomy bag still attached. go to story

In God's Eyes
excerpt from Teachings of Queen Kunti, "Decreasing the Fever of Illusion"
Inequalities Overlooked by Equal Vision

Karma-free Welfare Work A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Is this to say that being a learned brahmana is no better than being a dog? No, that is not so. But the pandit sees them as the same because he does not see the skin but the spirit. One who has learned the art of seeing the same spirit soul within every living being is considered to be a pandit, for in actuality every living being is a spiritual spark, part and parcel of the complete spirit whole. The spiritual spark is the same in all, but it is covered by different dresses. An honored man may come in a very shabby dress, but this does not mean that he should be dishonored. more

One who is pandit, one who is learned, sees all living entities to be on an equal level. Therefore, because a Vaishnava, or devotee, is learned, he is compassionate (lokanam hita-karinau), and he can work in such a way as to actually benefit humanity. A Vaishnava feels and actually sees that all living entities are part and parcel of God and that somehow or other they have fallen into contact with this material world and have assumed different types of bodies according to different karma.

Those who are learned (panditah) do not discriminate. They do not say, "This is an animal, so it should be sent to the slaughterhouse so that a man may eat it." No. Why should the animals be slaughtered? A person who is actually Krishna conscious is kind to everyone. Therefore one tenet of our philosophy is "No meat-eating." Of course, people may not accept this. They will say, "Oh, what is this nonsense? Meat is our food. Why should we not eat it?" Because they are intoxicated rascals (edhamana-madah [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.26]), they will not hear the real facts. But just consider: if a poor man is lying helpless in the street, can I kill him? Will the state excuse me? I may say, "I have only killed a poor man. There was no need for him in society. Why should such a person live?" But will the state excuse me? Will the authorities say, "You have done very nice work"? No. The poor man is also a citizen of the state, and the state cannot allow him to be killed. Now, why not expand this philosophy? The trees, the birds, and the beasts are also sons of God. If one kills them, one is as guilty as one who kills a poor man on the street. In God's eyes, or even in the vision of a learned man, there is no discrimination between poor and rich, black and white. No. Every living entity is part and parcel of God. And because a Vaishnava sees this, he is the only true benefactor of all living entities.

A Vaishnava tries to elevate all living beings to a platform of Krishna consciousness. A Vaishnava does not see, "Here is an Indian, and there is an American." Someone once asked me, "Why have you come to America?" But why should I not come? I am a servant of God, and this is the kingdom of God, so why should I not come? To hinder the movements of a devotee is artificial, and one who does so commits a sinful act. Just as a policeman may enter a house without trespassing, a servant has the right to go anywhere, because everything belongs to God. We have to see things in this way, as they are. That is Krishna consciousness.

Discriminating Against the Poor/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2007 - Hansadutta das
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