It doesn't speak very well for the advancement of science, technology, medicine and education if half the world is in want.
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
[Posted February 12, 2006]

Advancement of Civilization

Hansadutta das, Friday, January 28, 2006--The New World Order by DOUGLAS V. GNAZZO--Transnational Corporations

    For over a half century the existing international order has poured billions upon billions of dollars into program after program. Cui Bono? New and improved organizations and committees have appeared, with new leaders that supposedly have a clear vision of how to construct a better future to be.
    Humankind faces grave problems: of hunger, malnutrition, lack of clean water, inadequate education, disease, poverty, and protection of himself and the biosphere. The leaders and experts in their various fields must realize that using the same types of external solutions of the past cannot solve the complex problems of today.
    The programs that are today regarded as obsolete and outdated were the cutting edge solutions for the future just 50 years ago. Now the junk pile is their new home – because they did not fulfill the expectations of their creators – or did they.

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As long as we are not aware of our eternal relationship with Krishna, the next best thing is to approach the assistants or the helpers of Krishna. That also is done in the spirit of sacrifice. In any sphere we find that without sacrifice we cannot get anything. You cannot get something for nothing. There is no instance where one gets something for nothing. Everybody has to give something for something they get. that is the law of nature: give and take, action and reaction, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We can't escape this. If we can understand this basic principle of life, then we shall give up the foolish notion of getting something for nothing.

Material scientists and politicians and economists are trying to get something for nothing. They think they can exploit material nature and enjoy some profit. They do not know that everything which they take from nature has to be paid for. They have to pay.

The whole material world is populated with living entities who are in this diseased mentality of taking something for nothing. They think the material world is a place which is to be exploited by them as much as possible. They do not know that this material creation belongs to Krishna, God. Therefore we have no right to take anything without His permission. Anything taken without the permission of the Supreme will meet with heavy reactions.

Suppose you are wandering in Golden Gate Park and you decide to cut down one of the trees. You would be punished. The park belongs to the city. You may not see the mayor or park commissioner, but they exist. We may not see Krishna, but there is Krishna.

Guest: In animal life, they are slaughtering so many, but they are also breeding more animals than there ordinarily would be.

Hansadutta: What do you care about the animals? Let them breed. That is none of your business. Suppose your neighbor begets a dozen children. "This man is breeding too many," and you go over and kill a few, do you think that will be accepted? No. Everyone is so concerned about the animals. Leave them alone! Tend to your own business. If they want to breed, let them. After all, that is their birthright, given by Krishna. They have a right to live on the property of God, just as you have a right to live. Everyone has a right to live, but you have no right to encroach upon any other's life. You have no right.

If we take this attitude, we can have a peaceful, harmonius situation. But if everyone is passing judgment and if everyone is engaged in adjusting by killing and whatnot, it becomes pandemonium. You see?

The human beings, they think, "Oh, we have to kill these animals, or there will be over-population." Then the reaction comes into human society. The communists are thinking, "Oh, these capitalists—there are too many! They should be killed." The capitalists are thinking, "These communists are over-running the world. They should be destroyed." The Nazis are thinking, "The Jews are too many. They should be exterminated."

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The Bible says, "Whatever you do unto the least of My creatures, you do unto Me." You have no business killing anything. Let everyone live. You live as you please, but not at others' expense. Don't live at the expense of another. Live at the expense of God. Let God worry about population and food and energy. Do you follow?

This is a sane outlook on the world's problems. Rather, if this man has no food and I have, let me give him some food. Why should I charge him? If he has no money, why should he be obliged to go hungry? It doesn't speak very well for the advancement of science, technology, medicine and education if half the world is in want. What has the advanced, civilized man learned in his universities and schools if half the world is not clothed, fed and sheltered? That means he hasn't learned how to show compassion and kindness. He hasn't learned anything. He has learned how to simply profiteer, how to capitalize on others' misfortune.

Capitalism means "This man is foolish and I'm clever, so I can cheat him." That is capitalism. The clever man is cheating the less clever man, instead of the clever man helping the less clever man. He is taking advantage of him—"Oh, here is a fool; let me cheat him." The pilgrims came and bought Manhattan [from the natives] for $24.00. That's cheating. It is all cheating going on. As we have cheated, we will be cheated also. We are taught to cheat from the very beginning. This story... we are told this story [in primary school]: "Yes, our forefathers came, and they got some glass beads and trinkets, and we bought this place from those foolish Indians. Aren't we smart? We built Manhattan, a big city. Now we can cheat so well!" It is a huge cheating operation. City life... the city man is cheating the country man. After all, the city man cannot produce anything necessary to sustain life. He just simply consumes what the farmers are producing on the land. By jugglery of words on paper, they keep the farmer always in want. On his labor, they are speculating stock market and whatnot.

This is the modern civilization: an arrangement for cheating. If we want to be happy, we have to give up this cheating propensity. We have to be honest. What is honest? That I am part and parcel of Krishna. All living creatures are part and parcel of Krishna, God. Everything is Krishna's property. I could sell all this, you see? I could sell it and make some money. But we don't live that way. When I get it, I take what I need, and then the rest I give away. That is our life. It is a spiritual life. We assume that Krishna is going to give us what we need to eat and sleep. If he gives me more, let me give him [another person] some—he doesn't have anything. This is the idea.

Just imagine if America were to change the foreign policy from exploiting to just distributing: "Yes, come on, take it." But they won't do that. They think, "Why should we do that? No one else does it." Everyone is waiting for the other person to do that. Krishna is doing it. Krishna is giving to everyone, and everyone is taking and then selling to one another. Why not continue the same gesture? "Krishna gave me this; you take some." You follow? Krishna is giving to the animals, to the insects, to all living creatures who are living at the expense of God. Only the human being is hording and trying to make profit on the gifts of God. Animals don't do that. If I find an animal, he'll eat, and when he is finished, he'll walk away. He won't take it home and put it in his refrigerator. It's a fact. Animals don't horde. They eat, and when they are finished they go away. Even the lion. When he is hungry he kills an animal and eats. When his hunger is satisfied, he drinks in the same water hole with the other animals. He won't bother them. He takes just what he needs. Only a human being is hording nad killing everything, aborting his children, all in the name of science, technology, education, politics, music and art. He has got the most perverted life style. Half of his kind are starving. They are pitted against one another like cats and dogs over some trivial matter, ready to destroy everything. Where is sanity? Where is hope? Where is knowledge? Where is civilization and advancement? Is that advancement? Why can't man be happy with what God has given him? What is the necessity for economic development, technological advancement, political emancipation—what is all this?

We must come to sanity, to reason. The way to sanity is through knowledge of God, knowledge of our eternal relationship with God. That is the way. We have to become thoughtful, not thoughtless, mindless. Thoughtful: "What am I? How did I get here? What am I to do here? Where do I have to go? What is God? What is my relationship with God?" These thoughts have inspired the great men of history. The really great men, like Christ, Buddha, Chaitanya, Mohammed. They are great. They didn't make any disturbance, unlike Napoleon, Alexander, Genghis Khan, Hitler, all of whom just came and made a disturbance. There is no permanent result of their presence and their activities. Just a big reshuffle of the deck and the same losing game. There was some Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Napoleonic Empire, German Empire, American Empire, British Empire, Russian Empire. All of them just a disturbance. No permanent profit.

We want the permanent thing. The permanent thing is Krishna.

Advancement of Civilization/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2004 - Hansadutta das
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