The fact is as you have changed so many bodies in this life, you have to change this body, you have to accept another body. It is a great dangerous position.
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
[Posted March 21, 2007]

Changing Bodies in this Lifetime

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

new legs
Above: New legs. Qian Hongyan's father helps her wear a dress at a hotel in Beijing, March 20, 2007.
Qian Hongyan
Above: Qian Hongyan exercises in Luliang county, southwestern China's Yunnan province, January 4, 2005.
Reuters - Wed 21 March 2007 - CHEN YAWEI Reuters Slideshow New Legs for Girl Forced to Walk on Basketball

Qian, who lost her legs during a car accident in 2000, had been using a basketball to walk until she received artificial limbs at the China Rehabilitation Centre last week, local media reported. go to pictures

Srila PrabhupadaChanged so many times

excerpt from lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.4, Rome, May 28, 1974
Evolution of Consciousness

Reincarnation Hansadutta das

The soul develops different kinds of bodies. There are 8,400,000 species of life or different kinds of bodies. There are different styles of clothing in the department store, and we purchase a suit of clothing according to our capacity to pay for it. If we have a good capacity, we shall buy a good suit. If not, we shall have to go to the Salvation Army or thrift shop and purchase used clothing. Similarly, there are high-grade and low-grade bodies. The human body marks the high point of the soul's evolution, or transmigration, through the lower species of life. more

Because people have no knowledge about the next life, they are not interested with the spiritual education. That is the difficulty. They are not at all interested. Why people do not come here? They think that "These people will say that there is life after death, and if you do not do nicely, you will have to suffer. All this nonsense we have to hear, utopian." They are not interested. They are so dull.

The facts... Krishna is giving example. Dehino 'smin yatha dehe kaumaram... [Bhagavad-gita 2.13]. As you are changing your body, we have changed, every one of us, we have changed body. I was a baby. I was a child. I was a boy. I was young man. Now I have got a different body. Where have those bodies gone? They have no brain to think. I had all these bodies—that's a fact. And they are not existing now, that's a fact. And still I say, "There is no other body after death." What is the reason? What is the logic? How simple logic is given by... Not ordinary person, Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, says that "As you have changed so many bodies, passed through so many bodies in this life, [similarly the soul passes into another body at death]..." Even medical science says every minute we are changing body. That's a fact. Just like the other day, Dr. P. Bannerjee came. That girl I saw changing from ten, twelve years ago. In 1955 I saw that girl, 1955. How many years ago?

Dhananjaya: Nineteen years.

Prabhupada: So that girl has grown up now nineteen years. At that time she was on the lap of her mother. So I said, "Oh, your daughter has grown up so much." She has changed so many bodies. But that body which I saw in 1955, that does not exist. Where is the illogical? That body is not existing, but the girl is there, and mother, father, "Yes, yes, she is my daughter, that daughter which you saw so little." The body has changed so many times.

So similarly, when I shall give up this body, I must have another body. And Krishna says tatha dehantara-praptih [Bg. 2.13]: ["So similarly the body passes into another body at death."]. This is called samsara. The samsara means repetition of different bodies. That is called samsara. Here, samsarinam karunaya.

Therefore this Krishna consciousness movement is to be compassionate to these rascals who are in the cycle of changing body after body. It is a great movement. Everyone, all over the world, they are thinking there is no life after death. But that is not the fact. The fact is as you have changed so many bodies in this life, you have to change this body, you have to accept another body. It is a great dangerous position. That they do not think. If I accept another body of a tree, then I will have to stand in one place for thousands of years. This is the science. Now I cannot stay for five minutes in the Bhagavad-gita class, but if I am given the body by nature... Prakriteh kriyamanani. You are under the grip of nature. You cannot say... You cannot stop your death. When nature asks you, "Now you must die," your science cannot stop this. So you are under the grip of the nature. Prakriteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvashah. So if the nature gives you, now you take this body of banyan tree and stand here for five thousand years, how can you stop it? Will your scientific knowledge can stop it? Is it possible? Then what is your science? If you are under the grip of the material nature...

prakriteh kriyamanani
gunaih karmani sarvashah
kartaham iti manyate
[Bg. 3.27]

Although he is pulled by the ear, by the material nature, he is thinking he is free, he is freedom. They are struggling for freedom. What is this nonsense, freedom? You are under the grip of the material nature. Where is your freedom? Now you have got, nature has given you this human form of body. Next you may get another body, next you may... That is completely under the control of material nature.

So they do not know. They do not know, completely in darkness. Tamo 'ndham. Therefore those who are eager to cross over the ocean of ignorance, for them, these instructions are there: Narayanam namaskritya naram chaiva narottamam [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.4]. You have to go in the parampara [disciplic] system—submission, tapasya, jñana. Bahavo jñana-tapasa puta mad-bhavam agatah. So by jñana, by knowledge, by tapasya [austerity], you have to make progress. This is Krishna consciousness movement.

Changing Bodies in this Lifetime/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2007 - Hansadutta das
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