How you can claim that "I am proprietor"?
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© 2004 - Hansadutta das
[Posted 22 January 2006]

Struggling Under Misidentification

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Srila Prabhupada
Talks with U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Keating, October 14, 1972, New Delhi

[Israel contemplates a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. "Do unto others before they do unto you." All because one is Muslim and the other Jew, and there's not enough room on Earth for the two. But when it's all over no one will know who was who.]

Aljazeera, Thursday, Jan 19, 2006— By RAMZY BAROUD Avoiding Iraq fallout with Iran

...It is Israel that has the infamous reputation of recklessly dashing through the borders of its neighbors (all four of them to be exact), ordering bombing raids and assassinations across the region. However, few in Washington and even fewer in the mainstream media seem at all bothered by the fact that Israeli's nuclear program, clearly not built for peaceful purposes, is ready to charge with the press of a button.

...Many pundits and political analysts are casually and practically discussing as a possible option to the Iran "nuclear threat" an Israeli aerial bombing campaign of Iranian NUCLEAR RESEARCH FACILITIES, a joint American-Israeli campaign or an Israeli-style American campaign (styled after the Israeli air attack on Iraq's Osiraq nuclear reactor in June 1981).

...A possible Israeli role in "eliminating" the imaginary Iranian threat is more than media disseminated rumors, but has in fact been verified on various occasions, including in the New York Times' January 13 report, stating that Meir Dagan, the chief of the Israeli mossad and Aharon Zeev-Farkasj, until early January the head of Israel's military intelligence and "Israeli policy makers all agree that a military option against Iran's nuclear facilities cannot be ruled out." Similar conclusions have been conveyed through other well-regarded media, including the London Sunday Times and Germany's Der Spiegel. The Times reported that Israeli armed forces are being readied for a possible March 2006 attack.

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Prabhupada: Sutre mani-gana iva. Just like you have got pearl necklace, and it is woven in a thread. So all the pearls, they are resting on that thread. There is no question of good or bad. Everything is resting in God. There is no question of good or bad. Not that all good men simply rest on that thread. Whatever we see within our experience, everything is resting on God. There is another verse in the Bhagavad-gita, maya tatam idam sarvam jagad avyakta-murtina: [Bhagavad-gita 9.4] "In the impersonal form, I am spread all over the manifestation, cosmic manifestation, and everything is resting on Me, but it is not necessarily I am in everything." That is the statement there. The definition of God, first of all, if you take this definition, as the root of everything, as the source of everything, however you like. It is the definition given by the Vedanta-sutra, janmady asya yatah: [Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.1] the origin or birth or emanation of everything. Now you take anything and find out where is the original cause, then you come to God. Take anything on this table. Your self, your body. Everything you take, if you go on searching, searching, searching, what is, where is the origin, then you come to God. That is the perfect definition of God, janmady asya yatah: [Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.1] the origin or source of everything. What do you think?

Ambassador: Oh, I'm very impressed.

Prabhupada: Yes.

Ambassador: The last...

Prabhupada: This is the right... Another definition is God, God is all-attractive. Now, if you try to understand what is this attractiveness, just like your American country is very opulent, very attractive. If a man is very rich in the society, he is attractive. Then if a man is very strong, then he is attractive. If a man is very famous, he is attractive. If a man—man or woman—if a man is very beautiful, he is attractive. If a man is in the renounced order, he is attractive. If a man is very wise, he is attractive. These six features are attractive features. Now, these attractive features, every one of us have to some extent. Just like you are ambassador, representative of USA, so you are attractive. So this attractiveness you have got. Sometimes I have also got. Somebody comes to me, "Let me see this Swami speak," you see. So this attractiveness everyone possesses. But God means who has got all the attractiveness in full. That is God. You may be very rich, but you cannot say that "I am the richest person in the world." That is not possible. But God can say "I am the richest person in the whole creation." Bhoktaram yajna-tapasam sarva-loka-maheshvaram [Bhagavad-gita 5.29]. He says, "I am the proprietor of everything." Just like in America, before the Europeans migrated to America, the land was there. It belonged to somebody. Now you are claiming you are proprietor. Say after five hundred years or something somebody may come. The land is there, we come here for the time being and claim: "It is my property." But actually who is the proprietor? Actually God is the proprietor. Therefore anything produced out of the land, that is also property of God. Just like if you have got a gold mine in your country. So I am not.... India will not go to claim that "It is my property." It is your property, because it is produced with your land. So if the whole land, whole sky, whole air, whole light, everything belongs to God, then where is your proprietorship? It is stated, bhumir apo 'nalo vayuh kham buddhih mano eva [Bhagavad-gita 7.4]. Now, nobody can say "The sky is my property," but there must be some proprietor of the sky. What do you think? If everything has got a proprietor, everything is made of these five elements—sky, water, air, earth—

Syamasundara: Fire.

Prabhupada: Fire, mind, intelligence, ego. These eight elements. Krishna says that "They are my energies." The things which are made by Krishna's energy, how you can claim your property? Suppose a carpenter comes, you give him money to prepare some chair. The money is your energy. Now when the chair is prepared, he cannot claim that "I have prepared this chair. It is my property." No. It has been made with my energy; therefore it is my property. So if you make analysis of this whole cosmic situation you will find that everything is made out of the energy of God. Then how you can claim that "I am proprietor"? This is false. This is called maya. Just like we have seen in Calcutta when there was a [indistinct] during the transition state. Britishers are going on. There was a great Hindu-Muslim riot. Now they fought, Hindus and Muslims, and they died. After death, there lying piles of dead body. No more Hindu and Muslim. It is simply lump of matter. But because they got a type of body, a type of mental situation, consciousness, they fought with one another, and then after death, no more claiming "Hindu" and "Muslim." This is called illusion. "I am American," "I am Indian," "I am Hindu," "I am Muslim," "I am this," "I am that"—these are all designation. Really what I am? I am pure soul, part and parcel of God. That is my identity. So people should be taught this science. As soon as one understands his constitutional position, his actual situation, then he says, "Oh, I am not this. I was struggling so hard under some misidentification."

Struggling Under Misidentification/ WORLD SANKIRTAN PARTY
©2004 - Hansadutta das
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