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[Posted September 20, 2006]

In Any Sampradaya Guru is One

by Patita Pavana das

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Thanks for the list of quotes, Hansadutta, Pranams. In any sampradaya, the guru is one. One means that there is only one universal truth which Prabhupada called Krishna Consciousness. Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarswati Thakur was known as Prabhupada, and because our Shrila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami JI was one with the teachings of his guru, he was also Prabhupada. Those envious rascals who say that he should not be called Prabhupada do not understand this point: that he was Prabhupada based upon 100% representation of his Prabhupada. The Gaudiya Math rascals who criticize our Prabhupada (but who are hovering in the wings waiting for disciple stealing) actually saw their guru as a material teacher, a great material master, and had no knowledge of the flow of eternal truth. Thus, ultimately, by criticizing our Guru Maharaja, they are stating that the entire body of Vaishnava literature is a material form of education that cannot be transmitted. Thus they carve their own nooks in quasi-spiritualism through changing the philosophy. Since they think it is material, they do not worry about reactions. This is the plight of the demon pretending to be a guru, something he will face when he meets Yamaraj. This is my assessment.

Your servant,

In Any Sampradaya Guru is One/ Inside Nam Hatta
© 2004 - Hansadutta dasa
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