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Only one guru

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Tuesday, 6 September 2005

There is only one guru. Krishna is the guru, and anyone who is seamlessly integrated with Krishna, acting only according to the dictation of Krishna, on impulse of the Whole, Krishna. The guru is the instrument of Krishna, acting soley for the interests of Krishna, just as the hand is acting spontaneously, seamlessly for the interest of the whole body. There is only one guru. Not two Krishnas. And that guru is seamlessly integrated with Krishna. Now in ISKCON there are so many gurus, 80 or more, and they are all not in agreement. Why are they in conflict? Prabhupada was one man, and his achievements were phenomenal. 80 gurus means they should have accomplished 80 times as much, but what have they done? How can they disagree? Guru means Krishna, Krishna's extension, like the hand, ear, eye. He is the person acting in concert with the Whole. Even if there are many gurus, they will act in harmony, not in discord. Like the parts of a machine, all acting harmoniously as the Whole. Every one of the parts is a "guru". So if many gurus and they are in disagreement, something is wrong.

Only one guru…/ Inside Nam Hatta
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