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The disciple is expected to become a pure devotee…

Hansadutta das

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[Posted Sunday, 6 November 2005]

To worship Srila Prabhupada (Prabhupada in the centre) as the only Acharya means to first of all be an obedient disciple (discipline of 4 regs, 16 rounds). Simply to perform the ritual of guru-puja or mouth the appropriate prayers is not enough. There must first be OBEDIENCE and DISCIPLINE, then SERVICE, and that service must be to "do as he did."

Simply "re-printing" the original books without following the discipline is just another materially motivated activity. The disciple is expected to become a PURE DEVOTEE. If he fails to become a PURE DEVOTEE, he cannot do the service of his spiritual master. Let us all become PURE DEVOTEES now and serve Srila Prabhupada by EXAMPLE and the PRECEPT.

The rebellious soul is sent to the material world to practice devotional service to Krishna. When his practice is perfect, he is again released from the material world and re-admitted to the spiritual world.

The material existence has no other purpose than this. Because we refuse to pursue this goal and pursue manufactured goals, we perpetually suffer frustration and disappointment in every undertaking.

The body is taken as everything, and everything is undertaken to decorate, enhance and preserve the material body, which is destined to become worn out by old age, disease and finally be dissolved when the life force abandons it--which is known as death.

No effort is made to understand the soul, without which the whole material arrangement is nothing but inert matter.

Everything material takes shape and moves only because the living force (soul) comes in touch with matter temporarily. Just as the machine moves only because the force of electricity activates it.

We are attempting to preach, although we are ourselves addicted to sense gratification. Unless we are pure devotees, or strictly acting under the discipline and obedience of the pure devotee, our preaching will not be effective.

Frequency of prayer is the secret of success. Quality of prayer depends on frequency of prayer. Without regular (regular, frequent) chanting of the Holy Name of Krishna (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.) there is no possibility of spiritual life. Just as without regular breathing there is no possibility of material life. Everything is synthesised in the frequent vibration of chanting the Holy Name.

The disciple is expected to become a pure devotee…/ Inside Nam Hatta
© 2004 - Hansadutta dasa
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